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Soups & Salads

Saddlery Salad $ 14

Field greens, Bermuda onions, craisins, sunflower seeds, Mandarin orange, feta, house raspberry vinaigrette

The Caesar $ 13

Romaine lettuce, bacon, anchovy dressing, croutons, lemon, Grana Padano 


Spicy Chicken $ 17

Sweet chili glazed chicken, crispy wantons, sesame seeds  

Pulled Pork Poutine $ 14

Home fries, slow roasted pork shoulder, mozzarella cheese, house demi glace   

Chicken Strips $ 15

Chicken strips, honey dill dip 

Mac and Cheese $ 14

Bacon, mozzarella, cheddar, Pico de Gallo, Grana Padano, Bermuda onion, fresh garlic 

Crispy Brussel Sprouts $ 11

Lemon basil aioli, Grana Padano, chili oil, sea-salt and pepper   

Pickerel Tacos $ 16

Tempura Manitoba pickerel, lettuce, coleslaw, jalapeno, fresh cilantro, grilled tortilla, chili lime crèma

Bison Nachos $ 19

Sloppy Joe ground bison, corn chips, jalapeño, Bermuda onions, mixed peppers, sour cream, fresh cilantro, Pico de Gallo, cheddar, mozzarella,…

Deep Fried Pickles $ 9.5

With tzatziki

Truffle Parmesan Fries $ 11

Truffle oil, herbs, Grana Padano, lemon garlic aioli 

Pulled Pork Tacos $ 14

Slow roasted pork shoulder, house BBQ sauce, Pico de Gallo, cheddar, mozzarella, creamy coleslaw, grilled tortilla

Cajun Prawns Sizzler $ 17

Prawns, peppers, red onions, garlic butter, white wine, cajun, grilled baguette

Crispy Chicken Wings $ 15

Choose from salt & pepper, buffalo, honey garlic

Warm Olives $ 11

Olives, cherry tomato, feta, basil, lemon, olive oil, grilled baguette 

Calamari $ 15

Crispy calamari, sea salt, black pepper, fresh herbs, tsatsiki   

Charcuterie Board $ 22

Cured meats, cheese of the moment, house pickles, local honey, grilled baguette 


Two Pizzas For $25! $ 25

Choose two pizzas for $25

Apple & Brie $ 20.5

House white sauce, apple, brie, caramelized onions, balsamic drizzle, prosciutto 

The Market Special $ 20.5

House tomato sauce, capicolla, crimini mushrooms, peppers, mozzarella, pancetta and prosciutto

The Mexican $ 18.5

Salsa, bison sloppy joe, cheddar mozzarella blend, sliced black olives, red onions, peppers, fresh lettuce, crispy tortilla, sour cream  

Athenian $ 19.5

House tomato sauce, black olives, diced tomato, red onions, peppers, spicy eggplant, feta, mozzarella, fresh spinach, olive oil, oregano

BBQ Chicken $ 19.5

House BBQ sauce, pulled chicken, Bermuda onions, mozzarella, bacon, pineapple

The Classic $ 19.5

House tomato sauce, chorizo sausage, crimini mushrooms, red onions, peppers, mozzarella, pancetta

Burgers & Such

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Blonde & Baked In The Saddle - LeBurger Week $ 15

A throw back to years gone by..... Blonde and Baked in the Saddle Torque Blonde Ale and Panko Crusted Chicken…

Steak Sandwich $ 22

8oz New York striploin, onion ring, garlic toast

Greek Lamb Burger    $ 18

House made lamb patty, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tzatziki, Bermuda onions, house aioli, feta, potato scallion bun

The Cubano $ 17

Slow roasted pork shoulder, smoked ham, provolone, pickles, mustard, house aioli, garlic French bread

Crispy Chicken Club $ 17

Panko crusted chicken breast, chipotle mayo, lemon garlic aioli, provolone, pancetta, lettuce, tomato, potato scallion bun

Our Famous Bison Mac’ n Cheeseburger $ 18

½ lb ground chuck, bison mac’ n cheese, chipotle mayo, jalapenos, Pico de Gallo, caramelized onions, pancetta, pretzel bun

The Saddlery Burger $ 17

½ lb. ground chuck, lettuce, tomato, pancetta, provolone, caramelized onions, house BBQ sauce, house aioli, pretzel bun

Classic Burger $ 14

½ lb. ground chuck, lettuce, tomato, Bermuda onion, house aioli, mustard, pretzel bun. Served with your choice of home fries…



Mains are avilable from 4pm to 9pm only

Creole Steak and Prawns** $ 35

8 oz Cajun style New York strip loin, white wine sautéed creole prawns, peppers, onions, creamy mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables 

Cajun Chicken & BBQ Ribs $ 27

Cajun chicken breast, half rack BBQ ribs, French fries, coleslaw

Baked Chicken Parmesan $ 27

Panko breaded chicken breast, house marinara, spaghetti, and mozzarella

Hunter Chicken $ 27

Grilled chicken breast, crimini mushroom hunter sauce, creamy mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables

BBQ Ribs $ 23

Manitoba pork baby back ribs, house BBQ, French fries, coleslaw

Ribeye Steak $ 40

12 oz. ribeye, crimini mushroom, creamy mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables

The Explorer / Family Style $ 82

FOR 3 – 4 PEOPLE 8 oz. New York strip, 10 oz Cajun chicken breast, full rack of BBQ baby-back-ribs,…

Surf & Turf / Family Style $ 92

Surf & Turf 24 oz of ribeye steak, sautéed mushrooms, Cajun garlic prawns with peppers and onions, crispy calamari, creamy…

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